A recent article, by CNN columist Douglas Rushkoff, goes into a great overview of the conditions and actions hundreds of years ago that established our current economic structure. In it Mr. Rushkoff explains that it all started in the middle ages between peasants and lords. He talks about how, as people began moving about Europe […]

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I recently commented on an online Newsweek article about the informants who have leaked government documents and I thought that I would expand upon myself even more here. The issue is whether or not these informants are heroes or villains. The problem with this issue is that the line here is so very blurry. On one […]

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One day, you are sitting somewhere and you decide to take a good look at yourself. Huh, your nose is a little big and your jaw is shaped a bit oddly. Click, click. Oh that’s better. Wait, what? Imagine a world where with a few simple clicks, you could drastically alter your appearance.

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After decades of debate and countless lives being ruined by religious fervor, the Pope and the Vatican have approved the use of condoms… but only when intended to “reduce the risk of infection” from sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDs. The pontiff emphasized that it should not be used to prevent the creation of life, but […]

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Recently the FDA announced plans to start a new anti-tobacco push with the goal of significantly reducing tobacco use. Part of that push is forcing a change to tobacco warning labels to include images of cancer patients, diseased teeth and lungs, and even corpses. This gruesome campaign comes after a law passed in June 2009 […]

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Members of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church from Topeka, Kansas have just faced the unity of America, the power of the human spirit, and a taste of social justice. On Saturday the members of the (so called) church showed up at the funeral of Army Sgt. Jason James McCluskey of McAlester, Oklahoma to protest in […]

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In American society we have developed at very ugly subtext. An unwritten rule that uses someones race or ethnic background to determine what you do and don’t have the right to say. This can be a very frustrating situation for an adult, trying to navigate the minefield that is our culture. This delicate balance of giving unspoken rights based on race is even more difficult for children to fully grasp without accidentally finding themselves in a storm of anger directed at them because of their confusion and frustration at this state of things.

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Recently someone I know forwarded me a piece that was supposedly by the Wall Street Journal with the subject line of “WALL STREET JOURNAL SIZES UP OBAMA”. In this article, which I will paste in a block at the end of this post, we hear an endless string of lies and propaganda used to feed on the […]

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I recently read an article on where the reporter attempts to talk about Embryonic Stem Cell research (or ES) and its supposed dirty little secret. In this article the author, Michael Fumento, asks when will ES be ready for clinical applications and suggests that ES is not worth pursuing because end results that involve […]

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Normally I try to stick to consumer and constitutional rights in this blog, but I found myself moved by a story that I found today coming from Iran. Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 2 weeks you would know that the results of the recent Iranian presidential elections has created […]

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