A recent article, by CNN columist Douglas Rushkoff, goes into a great overview of the conditions and actions hundreds of years ago that established our current economic structure. In it Mr. Rushkoff explains that it all started in the middle ages between peasants and lords. He talks about how, as people began moving about Europe […]

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patman on October 20th, 2011

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Hey there Pjerkers just dropping everyone a line from Kenya Africa. The weather is amazing almost everyday.

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Scientific studies are being carried out by probation services into why numerous veteran servicemen are selecting prison. Recent figures claim that up to 8% of the prison population have had previous military service, even though precise number of veterans passing through the justice strategy is not currently known. To help examine why this countless servicemen […]

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As of today, Facebook is by far one of the most largely chosen social networking site. People all over the world can get to get to know one another, stay in touch and even market their businesses online. People uses Facebook for whatever purpose. Whether it is for private or business needs, it’s a good […]

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I just finished watching the movie “Waiting for Superman” (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1566648/). It is so damn sad and the fact that this is really going on makes me want to cry. What I learned from this is that everyone in this country needs to change their attitudes when it comes to education and to the teachers behind […]

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There are many tales of mistaken leaks of medical information. Occasionally there is a computer glitch allowing unauthorized people to access information. Files left out in plain view can be picked up by anyone passing by. Sometimes one simple error can lead to a violation of the HIPAA privacy regulations for thousands of patients. This […]

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The British Royal family made headlines around the globe this week when it was revealed that Prince William will be marrying his long-time girlfriend, Kate Middleton.  This brought to an end many years of speculation bt the press and surviving a brief split, Prince William and Kate Middleton have been seeing each other for many […]

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Guest Blogger on December 27th, 2010

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Earlier this week Cameron announced that tripling tuition fees will be part of his plan to get the economy back on track, meaning prospective students will have to foot some of the bill. The sparked outrage amongst current and prospective students who organized a protest through the streets of Westminster, on a route that took […]

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I recently commented on an online Newsweek article about the informants who have leaked government documents and I thought that I would expand upon myself even more here. The issue is whether or not these informants are heroes or villains. The problem with this issue is that the line here is so very blurry. On one […]

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One day, you are sitting somewhere and you decide to take a good look at yourself. Huh, your nose is a little big and your jaw is shaped a bit oddly. Click, click. Oh that’s better. Wait, what? Imagine a world where with a few simple clicks, you could drastically alter your appearance.

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